Brian Kelly Told That Why He’s Bullish on Ethereum

Brain Kelly is highly influenced by Ethereum and he shared his many points & opinions about Ethereum to explain why he is bullish on Ethereum.

Brian Kelly appeared in the shows of CNBC “Fast Money, and talked about Ethereum with very high support and also he revealed that why he always remains bullish on Ethereum. He specially pointed out about the future upgrades in Ethereum’s existing blockchain technology.

In the very beginning, he talked about Ethereum’s upgrade through London Hardfork. He said that Ethereum’s London hardfork will bring lots of features to Ethereum’s network and that the upgrade will bring a big change in the monetary policy of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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He also said that EIP-1559 which is also a part of Ethereum’s London hardfork on Mainnet bring bring lots potential for Ethereum’s price. Because it will make the Ethereum ecosystem totally non profitable for the team. 

And also he talked about the unlimited supply of Ethereum, for which Ethereum was criticized by many experts. Kelly says this upgrade will bring a big change in Ethereum’s supply to stop the mouth of critics. And this will result in a support for Ethereum as a “store of value” asset. 

Kelly also said that to introduce a boundary on the supply is generally a good approach for price. 

“You’ve got everything in the world that is built on Ethereum. You’ve got DeFi, NFTs, all of that. Plus, a new monetary policy is coming up. Plus, potentially, tailwinds from just adoption of this as an asset class. And to me, that was pretty good for Ethereum”

Last week, CNBC’s eminent stockpicker Jim Cramer revealed that he is still holding Ethereum and said that Ethereum is just like a “pied piper”.

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