Coinbase partners with Mastercard to allow users to buy NFTs

Coinbase exchange established a new partnership with Mastercard payment network firm to bring ease for its users to buy NFTs with direct credit/debit card payments. 

Coinbase is a leading and popular exchange in the US. This exchange is popularly known to provide its crypto services under compliance and regulatory frameworks. Exchange’ crypto services are not limited to the US only but also provides in the majority of the countries in this world.

On 18 January, Coinbase exchange published a blog about its recent partnership with giant payment network firm MasterCard. 

Under this partnership, all the people, who don’t want to go through the crypto purchase, to buy NFTs will be able to direct with bank payments with the use of supported MasterCard. 

Coinbase noted through the blog, buying NFTs should be much simpler like buying t-shirts. But in the present time people are forced to buy crypto assets and then buy NFTs. So basically this effort of Coinbase exchange is to eliminate the necessity of crypto purchase steps. 

“As an important step in this mission, we’re excited to announce today that we’re partnering with Coinbase to let people use their Mastercard cards to make purchases on Coinbase’s upcoming NFT marketplace,” said Mastercard

Coinbase NFTs platform 

Right now OpenSea is the biggest crypto NFTs platform in this industry. But here everything is dependent on crypto to buy NFTs. So surely here Coinbase exchange will get advantages. 

In October 2021, Coinbase exchange announced its NFTs marketplace planning. Coinbase NFTs Platform will be launched by early mid-2022. 

Right now more than 1 million users have already signed up on the waitlist of the  Coinbase NFTs platform. This is an indication that users and Coinbase exchange, both of them, are eager with NFTs platform future launch. 

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