Pantera Capital exec says Ethereum will cover more than 50% of financial transactions

The Co-Chief of Pantera Capital appreciated the Ethereum blockchain and predicted that Ethereum will handle more than 50% of financial transactions in the future. 

Ethereum is a second-ranked crypto blockchain network in the crypto industry. However there are many blockchain Networks, which are claiming that they are the best alternative to the Ethereum blockchain network and even are much better over Ethereum blockchain network, but besides all these things Ethereum is getting much better support in this industry after Bitcoin, because it is more decentralized crypto blockchain network in the crypto industry and also people sees Ethereum as an alternative of Bitcoin and best store of value like Bitcoin. 

Joey Krug is Co-Chief of the Digital assets centred hedge fund Pantera Capital. Joey said that Ethereum will play a vital role like this in the future and it will also become an important part of financial transactions in the future. 

Joey believed that in the future, the majority of the financial transactions will rely on the Ethereum network-based transactions because of the trust and decentralized nature of this network.

Chief also said that Ethereum is facing huge competition but still it will go forward without facing challenges. 

“There are too many trade-offs other chains are making that Ethereum is not making on the pretty important decentralization side. <…> If you roll the clock forward 10 to 20 years, a very sizable percent, maybe even north of 50%, of the world’s financial transactions in some way, shape or form will touch Ethereum,” Joey said.

Joey also noted that such achievements and milestones are easily possible because of the current development work in the Ethereum blockchain network. 

So in this way, Joey believed that Ethereum will break all the competitions against it through its Proof-of-stake based working system. 

Here the thinking and support for Ethereum of Hedge firm executive is appreciable but probably he doesn’t know that the whole Ethereum blockchain network can be shifted to Proof-of-stake based Consensus but the price of its native token is very high and also it will continuously keep increasing. So probably, Joey is right but we have to wait for this for many years. 

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