Ethereum holders be careful, London hard fork coming : Risk Warning warned their users regarding Ethereum London hardfork. They suggested to move all the funds to a spot account. is a popular crypto exchange which provides their services with full privacy to the crypto users. They are basically considered as the official Bitcoin service provider company in the crypto community. Today they warned all their users regarding the Ethereum London hardfork. informed all their users through mail, to move all the funds of Ethereum & ERC-20 based assets in the spot wallet before 5 August. It is because of the chances of risk associated with the London hardfork that may arise.

Ethereum holders be careful, London hard fork coming : Risk Warning 16source: mail


And also they warned to stop the transactions on Ethereum Mainnet network including ERC-20 tokens before the completion of the London hardfork. will close all Ethereum & ERC-20 based assets withdrawal, transfer & deposit before the 1-2 hours of block number 12,965,000 in Ethereum blockchain. And also they will enable all these stopped facilities on the same day. 

Here it should be noticed that, if like exchanges are giving warnings then we have to take care about it for other exchanges also whether we are on Binance or any other crypto exchange. We should remain aware about it before 5 August.

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