McDonald proposal for Elon Musk to accept Grimace Coin

McDonald responded to Elon Musk Proposal and asked to accept a Grimace Coin.

Elon Musk is a popular Dogecoin proponent in this crypto industry. At present, Elon Musk’s Tesla is accepting Dogecoin to sell it some merch. On 25 January, Elon asked McDonald to accept Dogecoin in their payment options, and in return, Elon will promote McDonald’s fast food as his happy meal food. 

On 26 January, McDonald, a global fast-food chain company, responded to the proposal of Elon Musk to accept Dogecoin. 

Through the response tweet, McDonald said that they can accept Dogecoin if Tesla can accept Grimace Coin. 

Now here question arises for this crypto industry, what is Grimace Coin. 

As per available details, this is a coin, which is available at Binance smart chain and also at the Ethereum network. But not many details are available about this coin. 

After the tweet of McDonald for Tesla to accept Grimace Coin, the team is getting active and it is enjoying this situation by retweeting the tweets of McDonald. 

In a tweet post,  a Twitter account of Grimace coin claimed that it is just beginning and we grabbed 56,000% gain since launch. 

As per our analysis, this Twitter account is fake and it is all about making money with its own Ethereum network-based coin. This account was created around 7 hours ago, at the time of writing this article. And this is a clear indication that there is no existence of a real Grimace coin on Ethereum. While Grimace coin at the BSC network has been available for more than 200 days age.

Here we suggest our readers to remain away from this coin or at least do research deeply before going with the investment in this coin because McDonald’s didn’t provide any link about this coin. 

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