Tim Stokely, Founder of Onlyfans, Announces Zoop: An NFT Trading Card Platform on Polygon

When Tim Stokely established Onlyfans, he ushered in a new era of adult industry democratization. With a new NFT initiative, he hopes to conquer the WEB3.

OnlyFans’ founder has announced the creation of a Trading Card Platform called “Zoop.” The Polygon network will host the decentralized NFT trading platform, which will be available to all audiences.

Zoop’s agreements with various media organizations, according to a press release, will result in the new ecosystem featuring fully sanctioned digital cards of celebrities and influencers.

Zoop, on the other hand, is not a one-man show. A team of developers with demonstrated competence in WEB3 products will support the platform.

Zoop Will Allow 3D Digital Letter Exchange

RJ Phillips, Zoop’s founder and co-CEO, stated that his platform will assist customers in the buying and auctioning of cards. He also stated that Zoop will be a “win for celebrities” and brands since it will allow them to communicate with their fans and customers in new ways.
Another innovation provided by Zoop is the ability for users to earn incentives based on their actions. However, it is yet unknown what types of rewards will be delivered in the Zoop ecosystem.

Censorship and only fans
Last year, Onyfans raised concerns on social media after the company announced a possible restriction on explicit sex.

OnlyFans is well-known for its large network of adult content providers and fans. Some top models, such as Corinna Kopf, earn up to $1 million per month. Even after the Corinna Kopf OnlyFans leaks, she continues to earn huge sums of money.

The platform attempted to excuse itself by arguing that the legislation “obeyed the concerns of bankers and investors” at a time when they needed to acquire more funding.

Such explanations were insufficient for many supporters, and during the debate, a slew of decentralized alternatives emerged.

However, the site soon stated that a deal had been reached with content creators to allow them to continue offering their services without restriction.