It will be possible to buy more than just models’ attention on OnlyFans

Many people make money on OnlyFans when they post porn videos and photos. For example, recently leaked nudes of Corinna Kopf.

But now it will be possible on OnlyFans to buy not only the attention of models, but also their gadgets. Well, and not just models, but all creators present on the social platform. We’re talking about various products signed by idols present there, from notebooks to sweatshirts and backpacks.

T-shirt from an idol for a fan

OnlyFans is a platform that helps creators monetize their content directly through the fees of fans present on the platform, without the intermediary of advertisers. It is intended to be devoid of more moderation allowing paid access to a variety of content, including adult content…. that is, a colleague told me.

Now the social network is partnering with Spring, which will provide physical products customized by creators present on OnlyFans. The option will work by integrating with the creator’s page, where it will be possible to view the creator’s chosen products and see if they are available. A click will redirect the fan to Spring’s site, where they can purchase the desired product. The creator can customize by adding, for example, his or her print over 120 products, such as T-shirts, iPhone cases, mugs or puzzles. Yes, including ones with a pig picture…. i mean a colleague told me so….

Pure profit

OnlyFans will not charge any percentage of the transaction. The only cost is the production of the item and the fee to Spring, so anything over that amount will fall straight into the pocket of the creator, who on top of that prices the products he promotes himself.

This is not at any loss for the portal itself, as it only leads to closer ties between it and creators and fans. OnlyFans is doing well, as after generating a profit of $433 million last year, it is on track to bump it up to $2.5 billion this year (astrologers declare a dolphin week – the epidemic of loneliness in the world is increasing). 

There are more than 3 million creators on the site, which effectively means 3 million small businesses getting additional tools to monetize their content. This is the position of OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan. Knowing a little bit about the realities of the Internet, we can easily imagine what a large part of the products that will be purchased through the portal on which a veritable plethora of adult models are present (so my friend… and with the rest, it doesn’t matter).

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