Bug in Web3 crypto Metamask wallet: Alexandru Lupascu

A security analyst found a very critical bug in the Metamask wallet that can drain the whole assets holdings of users. 

Metamask is a popular Ethereum network inclined Web3 based browser wallet. This wallet is known for its potential and security on web platforms. The team behind MetaMask is planning to introduce their Token but they are planning to create a unique concept use case with the future native token of Metamask. However few people are using the fame of Metamask wallet and creating a scam-based MASK token. 

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Alexandru Lupascu is a Security analyst and cryptographer and also he is the co-founder of OMNIA protocol. Alexandru researched the Metamask wallet. His research found that there is a very big bug in the MetaMask wallet and that may end up at risk of losing all the digital assets or even physical threats because of leak of privacy of Metamask wallet user.

Alexandru said that a hacker can easily trick the security because of this existing breach in the security in presence of this bug. 

According to this crypto analyst, a scammer just needed a minimum of $50 to attack the privacy of the user. Alexandru noted that scammers may send NFTs ( by transferring free ownership of NFTs) to the user easily and can access the IP address of the user. 

So in this way, if a hacker will be able to grab such details of a user then it may result in very high risk for the users, whose details have been transferred to the scammer. 

“if malicious actors derive more information from the IP address (think geolocation, GSM carrier, etc.), they can turn it into physical risks, such as kidnapping.”

Alexandru also claimed that it may end up into a DDoS attack on the Wallet user easily because of an IP address privacy leak. 

The security analyst said that he found this bug in mid of December 2021 and informed the responsible team. And the team said that they will fix it in the first half of 2022. 

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