Cardano network congestion after SundaeSwap: Cardano failed?

The developer team of the Cardano project is working to bring efficiency against the Cardano-based Defi projects network congestion. 

Cardano grabbed the second position recently, in terms of the biggest smart contract blockchain network, which facilitated more transactions over the Ethereum blockchain Network, a few days ago. In the last 7 days, Cardano’s native token ADA grabbed huge popularity because of the Defi exchange SundaeSwap launch. 

On 20 January, SundaeSwap announced that its main net launch on the Cardano network is completed with the features of Creating pools and Liquidity. 

After the launch, few users tested in the initial phase and found that some lag is occurring in the working. On this, the Cardano project team noted that the Cardano developer team Input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK) already did work on this issue in advance. 

IOHK developers noted that in 2022 Cardano will start with the launching of projects, so there is better efficiency needed and also more improvement needed. 

“With the arrival of many exciting new Defi projects over coming weeks, users should expect network congestion & this may be significant at times of peak load around launches and large drops.”

In early January 2022, IOHK released v1.33.0 for the Cardano blockchain. Right now, Cardano’s SPO systems are 80% in use. This newly released version will include RAM usage optimization and an efficiency upgrade. Besides the optimization of RAM usage, the changes in the algorithm of the staking and reward distribution will take place. The effect of the final upgrade can be noticed by 25 January. 

These things are showing that Cardano’s IOHK is fully aware of the future use case of the Cardano blockchain Network. So here we can conclude that the developer team behind the Cardano project is full of talented people. And also team parallelly working on the increasing challenges of huge numbers of transactions in the network. 

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