The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies on TikTok: Top Picks for 2023

Digital currency is taking over social media, with cryptocurrency videos gaining billions of views. Read on to discover which currencies users are searching for the most.

Which Cryptocurrency Is Trending the Most on TikTok Digital currency is rapidly expanding beyond the realm of finance, making its mark on social media platforms. Users eagerly create videos spreading information about cryptocurrencies. Experts have analyzed the top 15 hashtags related to digital currency, and these videos collectively garnered 115 billion views.

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Ranking of Cryptocurrency Hashtags on TikTok:

#crypto – the most popular hashtag in the digital currency sphere, appearing in over 4 million posts with a reach of 30 billion users; #bitcoin – secures the second spot; #nft – 2 million videos and 14 billion views; #cryptocurrency – 2 million videos with a reach of 10 billion; #btc – takes the fourth position. Interestingly, Bitcoin remains the undeniable leader among cryptocurrencies.

Also included in the ranking:

Ethereum, with hashtags #eth and #ethereum, accumulated 1.81 million posts and garnered 8 billion views; Dogecoin – 0.46 million videos with a reach of 3 billion; XRP – 0.32 million posts, achieving 2 billion views. Surprisingly, residents of the European continent show a greater affinity for digital currency. The top five leaders include Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Belarus, and Ukraine.

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