Kraken appreciates Cardano as Ethereum

Kraken exchange published a blog regarding the potential use of the Cardano Blockchain network like Ethereum network. 

Right now Ethereum is the top and first ranked smart contract blockchain Network. No matter how much network fees are, the first-mover advantage is only with Ethereum only. If we look after Ethereum then it is Cardano, which is showing a better potential against Ethereum as a rival.

This month, Cardano blockchain Network grabbed huge attention in terms of the sudden pump in its native coin price and also because of SundaeSwap Dex’s launch on the blockchain of Cardano. 

Kraken exchange recently published a blog on Cardano and appreciated the ecosystem of Cardano as the best alternative to the Ethereum blockchain network. 

Research of Kraken highlighted mainly the potential of the Cardano blockchain. Kraken noted that Cardano may not have all those features like Ethereum have but its cryptocurrencies are “offering appealing optimizations based on scientific research and formal verification.”

These things are showing that Cardano blockchain can grab that position in this crypto industry, where Ethereum is standing. Right now Ethereum is charging very high fees and also its efficiency is not much better like Cardano but here Cardano blockchain network-based transactions are very cheap for its users. 

Recently Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a survey Poll to choose the perfect coin, which will be dominant in 2035. In that tweet, Cardano won with the biggest support. 

In the tweet, we can see that around 42% of people are supporting Cardano’s ADA. These things are also hinting that people have trust with Cardano because of its founder contribution to the Ethereum project as a co-founder. 

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