Global Macro exec stance on ETH-BTC flippening

The director of the Global Macro shared his stance on the adoption of Ethereum vs Bitcoin through a graph. 

In the present time, only two crypto-assets can be understood under a particular trust-based crypto project and these two crypto assets are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both of these two coins have their significance at their place and also both of them are different from each other in terms of adoption. 

On one side, people are using bitcoin as a store of value, then on another side, people are looking at Ethereum as an opportunity from a technical point of view. 

No matter what the progress of Ethereum is, against Bitcoin. But Ethereum is only the coin in the crypto industry, which is a leading crypto project, that allows multiple blockchain projects to work with the Ethereum blockchain network. 

In the latest, Director of Global Macro at Fidelity Investments,  Jurrien Timmer, took to Twitter about the adoption of Bitcoin vs Ethereum. 

Through the tweet, Timmer shared a graph of Bitcoin vs Ethereum adoption. Timmer wrote that both of these blockchain networks are moving steadily in terms of adoption but Ethereum is somewhat faster in comparison to bitcoin over the last few years.

Graph, shared by Timmer, clearly indicates that Ethereum and Bitcoin both have almost the same rate of adoption but one most important thing with Ethereum growth against Bitcoin is only surged by the entry of NFTs, DeFi like concepts in this space.

As we know that there is no publicly available community of Bitcoin and this is fully working in decentralized form but on the other side, Ethereum have many developers and are known to the world publicly and also they are doing new development works on the Ethereum blockchain, to bring use case of the Ethereum blockchain in every possible way. 

Here we can say that, if we want to see Bitcoin adoption more over the Ethereum blockchain network, then we need to encourage the blockchain and crypto developers to contribute to the Bitcoin community with new ideas that can bring the use of the Bitcoin network to the next level.

In the present time, the most eager person, who is doing development works and on bitcoin inclined projects, is Jack Dorsey- former CEO of Twitter & Founder block. 

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