42% people believe 80% of 2035 transactions will happen in Bitcoin

The Ethereum co-founder tweeted a poll, where he asked the community to support the crypto asset that they think is better. 

On 14 January, Vitalik Butterin, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain network, shared a self-created poll and asked the people “You wake up in 2035, and 80% of all transactions + savings in the world are in one currency that is not ETH. Which would you prefer it to be?”

In the mentioned coins, there were Sol, ADA, TRX, BNB, Neo

Bitcoin grabbed 41% support, while Sol, ADA, TRX, BNB, Neo grabbed 13%, 39%, 37%, 28%, 37% respectively, at the time of writing this article. Right now a total of 5,30,251 people voted 

Ethereum co-founder on special crypto 

Through these two tweets, the Ethereum co-founder mentioned a total of 5 crypto assets, where he excluded the Ethereum Blockchain network. And this is a clear indication that he believes that these are better ones in terms of a better alternative to the Ethereum network ( however here we can exclude Bitcoin because it is king and the rest of blockchain networks are alternatives to bitcoin). 

Probably, the Ethereum co-founder did a mistake by not adding the Ethereum coin. 

In addition to the crypto assets, Vitalik added the US dollar and Chinese Yuan. 

Adding these two fiat currencies to the list is clearly showing that Ethereum co-founder feels that these two fiat currencies are highly dominant in the global economy. However we already know very well that the US dollar has been at the top for a long time, but here space for Chinese fiat currency maybe because of the efforts of the People’s Bank of China to bring the use of blockchain technology (e-CNY or Chinese CBDCs).

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