There are more crypto Investors over the stock market: Indonesia

In the last couple of years, Indonesia showed huge growth in terms of crypto adoption. This is causing a big reason to bring restrictions on the crypto circulation in Indonesia. 

In 2021, the crypto market saw a huge money inflow and as a result of it, the crypto market pumped rapidly to a very big height. Now the market is moving against the bearish momentum but no one knows when the market will change its momentum. 

According to available data, at present time India is a leading country in the world in terms of user base with a total of 100 million users. After India, this is the US with a total of 27 million user base and after that Russian is standing at third position with a total of 17 Million crypto investors. 

According to the data available at Tripple, Indonesia is standing at 7 number after Brazil and Pakistan, in terms of maximum numbers of crypto investors. 

As per estimation, there are around 7.2 million people in Indonesia, which are doing investments in the Crypto market. 

If we look at the Research data on the Indonesian Blockchain Association, as of July 2021, then there are 7.4 million crypto investors in Indonesia and this number is 85% more than 2020. 

If we look at the  Indonesia Stock Exchange users, stock market investors, then there are only 2.7 million investors. This is a clear indication of how much people are eager with the crypto market over the stock market. 

There are more crypto Investors over the stock market: Indonesia 10

The total population of Indonesia is 272 million. So this means only 2.7% of users are in the crypto industry.  

The main reason for the inflow of population in the crypto industry is because of better regulation by the Indonesian government authorities for the crypto companies. In 2021, lots of discussions took place among the crypto proponents and officials in Indonesia. 

There are more crypto Investors over the stock market: Indonesia 11

Few reports also found that the increase in the numbers of crypto investors surged also because of the crypto news websites and related media channels on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. On these platforms, crypto-related channels surged by around 1,787% and 1,388% on Instagram & YouTube respectively, in 2021 only. 

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