Latoken Russian exchange doesn’t treat fairly with its employees, says hacker

The official Twitter account of the Russian crypto exchange Latoken gets compromised.

Loken is a Russian crypto exchange. This exchange was a popular exchange for those crypto traders, who wanted to start crypto trading without the KYC process. This exchange has not had much better reviews as per available details on Google. 

On 24 January, the official Twitter account of the exchange got hacked. Hacker changed the bio detail of the Twitter account of the exchange by  “LATOKEN is the leading SCAM platform!”. And also the hacker changed the image by ” scam alert”. 

After hacking the account, Hackers tweeted that Latoken is an exchange, which promotes fake IEOs and promises to give high return rewards. 

“WARNING – THIS IS A SCAM EXCHANGE. They are promoting scam CEOs.They are promoting CEOs promising growth of 100% to 500%. They are cheating and lying to founders and employees. They are misleading founders to think they will have successful CEOs while it never happens.” 

Hacker also claimed that Exchange is not treating its employees fairly and usually fired its employees without any reason. 

Right now all the tweets are deleted and also the exchange confirmed that all happened because of the unfair activity of its former employee, who get fired by the exchange on 24 January. 

If we take a short review on Google then there are several reviews available on Google about the Latoken exchange. And the majority of the reviews are hinting the exchange is doing some kind of unfair activities with its CEOs. These things are giving hints that everything is not going fair with/from the Latoken exchange. 

Before 24 January, some hacking attacks on the popular crypto YouTube channels took place. The majority of YouTube channel owners claimed that they are not sure how hackers tricked the 2FA security. Reportedly few experts claimed that hackers used the sim swap scam to access the 2FA code to log in. 

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